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Spend Valentine’s Day through a perfect date with a reliable partner

2. Take on an adventure of self-discovery
If there is a place that you have been planning to visit but have not been able to get around to doing so, now is a good time to explore it. Whether it is a park, a café, an art gallery or a museum, there will certainly be something interesting for you to chance upon to can learn more about yourself.

The Nokia 3.1 Plus offers the perfect way to capture and celebrate this adventure with its advanced dual-rear imaging. Equipped with a 13MP camera with Phase Detection Auto Focus, you can take crisp images with fast and accurate focus even in low light. The second rear camera includes a 5MP sensor for rear depth sensing to give you that professional and stylistic shot with a selectable bokeh blur. With these great imaging features, all you need is a subject and a click to create your own piece of art.

If you are the type who prefers to stay at home but would like to try out new food trends or go on a shopping spree, online food delivery and shopping could substitute for a day out. The Nokia 3.1 Plus is one of the most-secure phones to receive three years of monthly security patches and two years of OS updates as guaranteed in the Android One programme. It is always up-to-date with the latest Google services for a worry-free e-commerce experience. With this smartphone nothing will stop you from exploring it all right from the comfort of your own bedroom.

3. Create your own happiness project
Finding your own happiness is well within the palm of your hands. Dive into a new project that it not only exciting but heartwarming as well – be it writing your next poem, novel or screenplay, starting your next digital painting, throwing yourself into the realm of pixel art or video editing for your own film or music video. Let your inner creativity come out. The Nokia 3.1 Plus is the perfect partner you can rely on for all these activities.

The phone’s access to the extensive Google Play Store lets you get hold of the latest applications for any of your new happiness projects. In addition, the MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor ensures the optimal performance you need to keep up with the most rigorous tasks.

4. Make it a lasting experience
Every day is a new opportunity for you to do something new and celebrate love with family, friends, yourself and with that special someone, once they come along. Designed to offer immense durability expected of a Nokia phone, the Nokia 3.1 Plus can certainly withstand the test of time at a notably affordable price. A phone you can rely on for Valentine’s Day and beyond, the Nokia 3.1 Plus surely lets you stay connected with different worlds whilst building your own.

The Nokia 3.1 Plus comes in Blue, White or Baltic, and is available at all authorised Nokia mobile resellers, MemoXpress and Megacellular, and at Nokia mobile-branded stores, kiosks and exhibits for PHP9,990.