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Study reveals automation will displace 24.7 million jobs

A study revealed how robots, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) will impact the workforce over the next 10 years. Research and advisory firm Forrester released the study and predicted that automation will displace 24.7 million jobs and will add 14.9 million jobs by 2027.

The findings also indicates that:

– Automation will displace 24.7 million jobs by 2027. This equates to a job loss of 17% between 2017 and 2027.

– New technology will also create 14.9 million new jobs in the next decade, with automation creating jobs equivalent to 10% of the workforce through 2027.

– While automation will lead to a net loss of 9.8 million US jobs by 2027, that’s nowhere near the 69 million that many pundits have predicted.

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