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Parents and kids tune in to eStorytelling Sessions of DepEd

“Parents can use this time to get to know our kids more and to teach them valuable life lessons that can guide them as they grow-up. For small children, storytelling can serve as a bridge to reading books on their own. Storytelling also creates happy memories and can help develop children’s genuine love

for reading. A good storytelling routine before bedtime can give our kids a sense of security and
normalcy,” Bufi added.

Smart’s eStorytelling content are mostly in the mother tongue, as studies show that this facilitates better understanding and enhances the learning experience. Kids whose first language is not Filipino can also watch some episodes in their native tongue and properly understand the story. This is all in keeping with Smart’s goal of providing original homegrown content in local languages to local communities.

“We chose Filipino and other local languages not only to promote them, but also to reach as many Filipino families as possible,” says Isberto.

“We also follow the habit formation formula that says it takes 21 days to form a habit. Since families are heeding government’s orders to remain at their homes, parents can use this time to develop a regular storytelling routine with their kids. Once this becomes a habit, children will eventually develop their love for reading and learning,” Isberto added.

Smart’s eStorytelling Sessions, is the first installment of Smart’s #LearnSmart: eLearning Series which aims to demonstrate how mobile technology can help support continuity of learning and teaching during a pandemic.

Smart is also set to launch content on backyard farming, safety and survival, sports, among others. For more information on the Smart eLearning series, visit the Smart Communities page at