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PLDT highlights aggressive fiber network rollout at 2018 FTTH APAC confab

The 90-year old telecom conglomerate has introduced the SmartHome, providing customers a convenient suite of Connectivity, Entertainment, Security, and Convergence.

Also earlier this year, PLDT’s mobile arm, Smart, was also awarded by OpenSignal for having the country’s fastest LTE network with four citations including best in 4G LTE download speed; best in overall download speed; best 4G latency performance; and best 3G latency performance. A mobile analytics firm, OpenSignal uses crowdsourcing and scientific analysis to provide the definitive guide on the outlook of mobile networks across the world.

“We strive to work and explore the latest digital innovations for the benefit of every Filipino generation, today and the future,” Reyes added.

PLDT hosted the conference which brings together Asia Pacific’s telecom leaders and policy makers to address the socioeconomic benefits of deep fiber and provide a platform for sharing technologies and strategies that have produced real success.

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