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Synology launches mesh router MR2200ac, envisioning better Wi-Fi and safer Internet ahead

Safer Internet for everyone and everything

The latest SRM 1.2 release also comes with a brand-new Safe Access package that brings together best-in-class parental controls and automatic security at the network level, so that you don’t have to look for a solution for each individual platform.

• Create a kid-friendly online world: set up user profiles, decide when and for how many hours they can use the Internet, and protect them from adult-only content with web filters and SafeSearch. Web filters can be scheduled to limit a teenager’s social media usage to specific hours. For younger ones, put together a white list of approved websites for them to access.
• Understand how kids are exploring the Internet: see when they’re online, which devices they’re using, and if they accidentally stumble on inappropriate websites. They can submit a request for you to unblock a website. Through such interaction, you are always involved as they grow up.
• Network profiles for family gadgets and IoT devices: anything connecting to your local or guest network in the future follows the policy you decided, and all abnormal activities are carefully stopped and logged.
• Silently securing your perimeter: DNS and IP threat intelligence tools block access to malicious destinations in real-time, whereas the introduction of Google Safe Browsing to Synology routers extends Google’s protection against malware, social engineering, and unwanted software to the whole network.

Next-generation Wi-Fi security with WPA3

MR2200ac is one of the very first routers to be certified by WPA3, the newly-announced Wi-Fi security standard. With new options including WPA3-Personal, WPA3-Enterprise and Enhanced Open™, MR2200ac equips home, business, and public Wi-Fi networks with the latest defences against snooping and other attacks. Backed by Synology’s long track record of fast and continuous updates, your mesh network will stay ready to counter any emerging threat.

MR2200ac is available immediately in local distributors and authorized partners at Php7, 799. To learn more about what it has to offer, visit:
For information about where to buy, visit: