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Visit these spooky places with Street View

UP Los Banos

Although most campuses have spooky stories to tell, the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) campus in Laguna has all the ingredients that make it downright terrifying.

UPLB is another place that witnessed atrocities committed during the war. Baker Hall, which is where PE classes are still being held, was a former internment camp. During the war, around 2,500 prisoners were held there from 1934-1945. Several rooms inside Baker Hall were also used as torture and death chambers by the secret police of the Imperial Japanese Army. It is said that every night, ghosts of garrotted prisoners would roam the place, their spirits still unable to find peace after all these years.

Corregidor Island

Throughout history, Corregidor Island had served as a major battleground for capturing Manila. During the American occupation, thousands of Filipino and American soldiers were killed and tortured when the country fell into the hands of the Japanese.

When the Americans returned to retake the island, many Japanese soldiers chose to commit suicide instead of surrendering. They detonated explosives inside Malinta Tunnel, where they were trapped by the Americans. Many of the laterals of Malinta Tunnel were never cleared, turning it into their final resting place.

There is a special night tour of the pitch-black Malinta Tunnel wherein the tour guide brings along a flashlight that he will switch off for a few seconds, enabling the group to experience total darkness. Although there haven’t been a lot of reported ghost sightings in the tunnel, the thought of standing in a cave where so many soldiers perished a long time ago is enough to send chills down your spine.

If you’re ready to visit any of these places, check it out on Street View first for a sneak peek of what to expect. When you head off on your adventure, don’t forget to bring some friends with you to scream and learn something new about each location’s history. Whether it’s a white lady or a restless group of ghosts that get your heart racing, you’ll surely have an exciting — and still comfortable — Halloween. Happy All Hallow’s Eve!