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Vivo V5s: the best smartphone deal in its price-range offers new ‘Groufie’ technology

The Vivo V5s also uses Face Beauty 6.0, a face-retouching and skincare tool that makes your selfies look even more radiant. The V5s’ Face Beauty mode 6.0 has three new features, namely buffing, whitening, and skin tone. This can also tailor more user-specific solutions based on one’s skin condition and features.

Unlike most smartphones that allows user to log in to only one account for social media applications, the V5s also introduced its App Clone feature that can run two accounts using the same app. This is very useful to millennials and professionals who want to better separate their personal and social lives online.

As for its appearance, the V5s’ slimmer bezels make it smaller in size than any ordinary 5.5-inch smartphones, making it easier and more comfortable to grip. The V5s is also more resilient and protected than most mobile phones’ screen glass because of its 2.5D Corning Gorilla glass that also gives it a more minimalistic and elegant design.

Other notable features of the V5s include its 4G RAM and 64GB internal memory, Hi-Fi music technology, and 0.2-second fingerprint unlocking.

For what it’s worth, the new Vivo V5s is indeed the best smartphone deal for selfie-loving Filipinos.