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MSI-ECS explores next wave of digital transformation through first CXO Innovation Summit

The summit features six plenary sessions and 27 concurrent breakout sessions, all of which were tailored to provide potential business solutions and practical advice on issues that plague the digital journey of businesses. The speakers also had a one-on-one meeting with the media to discuss further how the Philippines is coping so far with digital transformation. For a more in-depth exchange of ideas, MSI-ECS AVP of Marketing & Communications Maurice Altar conducted a townhall briefing in which the speakers were asked to examine the magnitude of change that are likely to take place when our country and local businesses explore and adopt the digital technologies that they had discussed during their respective sessions.

Around 123 technology executives were in attendance during the by-invitation event and they represent different verticals such as banking and financial services, logistics, energy, government, education, healthcare, BPO, retail, real estate, electronics, consumer services, hotels and casino, mining, transportation, media entertainment, and manpower and training. On the other hand, brands that sponsored the event include Cisco, IBM, Huawei, Trend Micro, Juniper Networks, Dell EMC, Schneider Electric, Fortinet, Oracle, Aruba, Hitachi, Hortonworks, HP, HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft, Pivotal, VMWare, and Micro Focus.

As some of the biggest and leading brands in the IT industry were also present, Go said that he’s positive that the participants would be able to gain valuable insights from the conference. “I am confident that in the next two days, you will gain expert advice from our technology evangelists and maverick thinkers, you will learn proven and tested solutions, you will expand your network, discover answers to challenges you thought are unique to your business, and benefit from the experience of others. We hope that this conference will be an avenue to validate your business strategies hoping that when you leave, you bring home nuggets of wisdom to help you develop a solid action plan for your organization,” he further said during his speech.

Meanwhile, the huge turnout in the event puts MSI-ECS on track to make the CXO Innovation Summit a yearly event. “We were surprised with the number of people here. We think we might have to do this on a regular basis until all of them are ready to take the necessary steps in order for them to transform,” said MSI-ECS Executive Vice President & General Manager Princess Chua.

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