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MSI-ECS explores next wave of digital transformation through first CXO Innovation Summit

In these highly disruptive times, technology executives need to leverage on the technologies that are shaping the future of business landscape.

That’s the recurring message that can be gleaned from the first CXO Innovation Summit which was orchestrated by the country’s largest ICT distributor MSI-ECS Philippines Inc., on November 9 to 11 at the Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu. With the theme “Into the Next Wave of Digital Transformation,” the main goal of the event is to offer solutions for different business areas, not just to help improve the competitiveness of companies but also help promote this transformation while ensuring speed and security.

The two-day technology conference was largely driven by technology experts and evangelists who shared their views on the effective application of technologies that are changing the way we do business including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Hyperconvergence, Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Blockchain for Business, Smart Cities, Software-Driven Enterprise, and Data Governance among others. With an agenda that focused primarily on the most pressing challenges and opportunities that these technologies bring, the attendees were able to identify sustainable transformation strategies that are expected to generate new waves of business growth.

According to MSI-ECS President & CEO Jimmy Go, business transformation is the key to business survival which is why it is important for the top-tier technology executives to lead the charge in driving innovative disruption. He added that the summit would also help the local companies which are transitioning from traditional business model to digitization.

In his opening speech, Go also stressed the importance for organizations to transform and embrace digital technologies in their business strategies. “We have heard about the tales of how death came upon those companies who failed to evolve. Digital transformation unfolds opportunities, risks as well as challenges. It should be our goal to seize opportunities and transform the challenges into new opportunities while at the same time understand the many inevitable risks that come with transformation. The evolving needs of customers, the continued arrival of technologies, and the surge of data impact business models, strategies and leadership,” he added.