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2014 Top Trends In Technology


2014 promises to be another exciting year for technology. What is obvious is we will definitely see new phones, new tablets, new phablets, and new something – devices will always keep us at the edge of our seats. But more than the gadgets and devices, what changes will happen in the area of technology and what will be its impact in the way we do things both at work and at play?

1. Year of the locally branded devices
Locally branded devices are already outselling multinational brands and will continue to outsell them this 2014 (in the Philippines). More and more people will shift to these brands not only because of the more affordable price but because of the great improvements in their quality and features.

2. Octa-Core processors
Octa-core processors will be coming to town this 2014. With Octa-core solutions, users can enjoy heavy web downloading, hardcore gaming, high-quality premium video viewing or other types of rigorous multitasking without experiencing lag times or excessive battery consumption. Expect QualComm, MediaTek and Intel to battle it out in this area.

3. Device Context Awareness
Context awareness is beyond search and Location-Based services, its a lot smarter. COntext-aware devices will learn about you, your day, where you are and where you are going to know what you want, anticipate your moods, be aware of your feelings and make suggestions based on the data it has collected.

4. Personal Cloud
Everyone now is on the cloud – your photos, email, videos are all stored somewhere. Knowing where it is stored may not be important to you now but you want it to be available anytime you need it. It provides convenience to every user but security is fast becoming a concern. Personal cloud refers to a small cloud network you set up for your home or small business that is also connected to the Internet, but this cloud is intended to be more secure, private and personal.

5. Augmented Reality
The technology behind the much talked about Google Glass is called Augmented Reality. AR is a cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us.

6. Mobile e-Learning
The rate at which mobile technologies are proliferating makes it imperative that we use mobile technology to aid in the learning, reference or exploration of information useful to an individual at that moment or in a specific use context. In other words, with the use of mobile devices, learners can learn anywhere and at any time.

7. Data Everywhere
The Internet of everything is going to happen, but without available data, all things will be useless. IoT or IoE will consists of smart machines interacting and communicating with other machines, objects, environments and infrastructures. And with all of this happening, big data everywhere should also be available to a broad variety of consuming systems and devices.

8. Home Automation
With the advancement in technology, our homes will become smarter and smarter. Home automation refers to a house with technology and automated features for things like heating, lighting and electronic devices. Home automation will be the following areas of the home: Energy management and environmental impact, streamlining the kitchen and cooking processes and safety and security of a property.

2014 will definitely be a wired wired year for all of us. As devices becoming more affordable and connectivity becoming cheaper, more and more changes will happen around us.

Article written by: Jerry Liao

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