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7 Reasons why you should level up to LTE right now

LTE or Long-Term Evolution is currently the most-advanced commercially available mobile technology being used by mobile users all over the world. Usually indicated by an ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’ mark beside a smartphone’s signal bars, LTE delivers mobile internet that’s more than twice faster than the data speed of its predecessor – 3G.

But more than just faster download and uploads, the essence of LTE technology is in the delivery of a much better mobile internet experience and digital services, especially now that connectivity is fast becoming an integral part of how we live our daily lives. LTE is no longer the future; LTE is now.

If you’re still not using LTE on your phone, you are missing out on a lot. Smart Communications is encouraging its customers to make that important shift now in order for them, Smart subscribers, to maximize the benefit of the LTE network. Here are seven reasons why you should level up to LTE:

1. SIM upgrade is free. To start connecting to LTE, you must: 1) have an LTE-capable device 2) use an LTE SIM and 3) be in an area covered by LTE network. If you haven’t updated your SIM since you got your first phone, say 5 years ago, chances are you’re still using a 3G or 2G SIM. If your SIM is not LTE-capable, you may upgrade it for free at the Smart Store nearest you. Don’t worry, you’ll get to keep your original SIM’s mobile number.

2. LTE gives the best possible mobile internet experience. LTE is made for how we use the internet today. We no longer just browse and search via mobile, we watch movies, play games, listen to music, download email attachments, share files, shop, bank, study, and more. With LTE, we can enjoy and experience all these digital content and services the way they’re intended to be.

3. LTE’s coverage is expanding nationwide. Smart projects that by the end of 2018, more than 90% of the country’s population will have access to Smart’s LTE network. That means LTE will be virtually ubiquitous, making better internet experience seamless for the increasingly mobile smartphone users. With an LTE device powered by an LTE SIM, you’ll be enjoying LTE speeds almost everywhere.

4. LTE will have better indoor penetration. Smart has been deploying LTE across the country by replacing and upgrading cellsite equipment that are more efficient in utilizing LTE frequencies. And because Smart has been prioritizing lower frequencies like 700Mhz and 850Mhz for LTE, Smart users will be able to enjoy stronger data signal even while indoors. Here’s a video about one of Smart’s network initiatives designed to improve the LTE experience of customers:

5. There are more options for LTE devices now. Gone are the days when LTE devices are only reserved for the high-end users. There is a wide-array of LTE smartphones now from different manufacturers – catering to everyone from the entry-level to the premium market. When choosing your next smartphone, make sure it’s LTE-capable and it’s compatible with the 700 Mhz frequency for the best possible LTE experience.

6. More possibilities are coming for LTE. Just recently, Smart has successfully tested the use of LTE network to make crystal-clear voice calls. Soon, LTE connectivity will be used not just to power our smartphones, but also to connect devices that will allow us to manage our homes, our vehicles, workplaces, physical well-being and more. LTE can also be quickly upgraded to LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), which can provide even faster speeds and greater capacity to users with LTE SIMs on LTE-capable handsets.

7. Going LTE is simply the smart decision. Go LTE or go obsolete. We are all going to that direction and we should be equipped with the right technology that’s ready for the future. If you’re investing in a device, it’s only practical to choose one that will still perform well as the technology progresses.

Smart’s LTE network powers all of Smart’s mobile brands: Smart, Sun and TNT. For more information on the respective brands’ LTE offers and SIM availability, go to,, or