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7 Safety Tips for your Family at Home

Safety starts at home. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at home is important to safeguard yourself and your family from any illnesses.
Here are seven tips to keep your family safe at home:

1. Wash your hands often
Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Soap helps kill germs and viruses that are invisible to the eye, which simply washing with water can’t do. Always use hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol.

2. Wear a mask, and don’t touch your face
If you are sick, whether it’s with COVID-19 or any other illness, wear a face mask wherever you go to stop the spread of your illness. You should also avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose, as it’s through those body parts that germs and viruses enter the body.

3. Sanitize your devices
As you wash and clean your hands, you should also clean your devices, especially your mobile phone. These electronics could easily accumulate germs and viruses, as we constantly touch them throughout the day. Lightly apply some antimicrobial spray or alcohol on a microfiber cloth and wipe down your screens. If your devices have covers, don’t forget to wash these covers too.

4. Work from home
If your work, school, or daily commute is near a critical area, then it’s best to stay at home even if you’re not sick. The internet now makes it easier than ever to do work remotely and reduce the chances of contracting the virus and spreading it further. You can set up virtual meetings, transfer work files online, save your important documents through cloud storage for easy access and communication with your colleagues—and you can do it reliably with your PLDT Home Fibr.
Understanding the need for a strong and reliable internet connection now more than ever, PLDT Home has rolled out FREE speedboost for all Fibr subscribers in Metro Manila, Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna, and Cavite so that the minimum speeds will be 25 Mbps until April 30. This will help a lot of families working and studying at home to keep up with their daily tasks online.

5. Keep family members updated of your status
The good thing about the internet is that with it, we can remain safe and constantly connected. In delicate times like these, it’s best to always update your family members of your status and location, as they may be able to tell you which places to avoid or anything they know, or you can share your own knowledge of the current situation. Even the simple news of telling everyone you’re fine can be very reassuring.

6. Read up and share verified information on COVID-19
The best way to keep yourself and your family protected is if you also stay up-to-date on the right information about COVID-19 via official sources online. More developments unfold by the day, with new knowledge about the virus being discovered—you can learn about them right away online from trusted official sources and share them with your loved ones and friends, so they can protect themselves too.
PLDT Home Wifi and PLDT Home Volume-based plan subscribers now have FREE access to verified government and news websites such as the Department of Health (DOH), National Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC), and Philippine Information Agency (PIA).

7. Always stay connected and set up personal notifications
Stay tuned to official channels of information. You can follow along on TV or radio and can easily set up notifications for important social media accounts such as the Department of Health (@DOHgovph on Twitter) or news sites. You can even set up Google Alerts to monitor for updates about COVID-19 around the internet.
Keep COVID-19 Hotlines and designated emergency hotlines of your area on your phone and send to your family members:

DOH COVID-19 hotline (02) 894-COVID

(02) 894-26843

Free Calls for PLDT, Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers COVID-19 Hotline: 1555

National Emergency Response Center: 911

Citizen Complaint Hotline: 8888

NDRRMC Trunk Lines: 8911-5061 to 65 local 100
NDRRMC Operations Center: (02) 8911-1406

(02) 8912-2665

(02) 8912-5668

(02) 8911-1873

Philippine Red Cross Hotline: 143

Emergency Response Unit: (02) 8790-2300 local 604

Metro Manila Emergency Hotlines Caloocan: 53106972

Las Pinas: 85527694/87767268

Makati: 168/ 82365790

Malabon: 89216009

Mandaluyong: 85332225

Manila: 85275175

Marikina: 161

Muntinlupa: 89254351

Pasay: 85517777

Pateros: 86425259

Quezon City: 122/89284396

San Juan: 72384333

Taguig: 87893200

Valenzuela: 83525000/82921405

Joint Task Force – NCR 09451491764
Rizal Emergency Hotline 86202487 / 85714375
Bulacan Emergency Hotlines Bulacan: (044) 7910566 / (044) 7607049

Malolos: (044) 7910630

Meycauayan: (044) 2581030

San Jose del Monte: (044) 9137243

Cavite Emergency Hotlines Bacoor: 161 / (046) 4170727

Cavite: (046) 4310752

Dasmariñas: (046) 6863339 / (046) 8510995

Imus: (046) 4710629

Gen. Trias: (046) 4378184

Tagaytay: (046) 4830446

Trece Martires: (046) 4190353

Laguna Emergency Hotlines Biñan: 75300015

Cabuyao: 88322809

Calamba: 75451697

San Pablo: 75628116

San Pedro: 88082020

Sta. Rosa: 75300015

#StayHome to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep your family safe and connected. With PLDT Home, you can do so much such as reliably work from home and keep your family up-to-date to the latest news with your unlimited access to the Internet. Visit for more details.