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A newly developed e-skin that turns a wearer’s body into a walking display


University of Tokyo researchers have made a breakthrough with their recently developed ultra flexible, super-thin, protective layer that paved a way to a possible cyborg future for humanity.

This technology could create an electronic skin (e-skin) displays that could show blood oxygen levels and other health and training benefit. This was made flexible to avoid impact to wherever it is attached and show immediately the result of heart rate and different body medical function right on the surface on the wearer’s skin.

Before this, there were e-skins that have been developed for prosthetics or electronics, but this one is made more flexible than the glass and plastics used in similar devices and it has wearable displays in mind.

This was created to make it possible to extend e-skin device lifetimes from just a few hours to several days. This was demonstrated to create an air-stable, better organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display.

(Photo source:cnet)