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A woman misinterprets a video game character statue into an old Chinese God


An elderly woman was spotted recently worshipping a statue of a video game character of a Chinese General.

According to Sina Weibo, last April 3, 2016, this woman who was caught by a CCTV camera of an internet cafe looks like she was kneeling and offering incense, believing that she was worshipping an old god, which is a common deed in a Chinese Culture. However, this statue appears to be a “League of Legends” character.

The figure appears to be ‘Garen’ an accomplished military leader in League of Legends that bears quite the resemblance to Lord Guan Yu, a Dynasty warrior during the Three Kingdoms period who was turned into a god and was immortalized in one of China’s famous books.


In addition to that, Guan Yu the saint of war also appeared into another eSport game called ‘Smite’ a similar to “League of Legends”. Some netizens expressed their sympathy for the elderly woman.