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Acer announces Full 2015 Windows-Powered Product Lineup Ready for Windows 10

Acer announces that its full 2015 Windows-powered product lineup and currently-shipping Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 portfolio will support the free Windows 10 upgrade.

“Acer’s diverse range of products designed for Windows 10 will be able to deliver its value to our customers across multiple device form factors,” said Maarten Schellekens, Vice President of Global Marketing and Branding, Acer. “We’re confident that customers who purchased or plan to get an Acer Windows PC in 2015 will experience a smooth transition to Windows 10.”

Acer has obtained Skype for Business certification across its consumer and commercial notebook lines2, through fine-tuned hardware and software working together for a friction-free, optimized audio and visual communication experience. Skype-certified devices have gone through a rigid certification process to ensure that speech is seamless with no lag or gaps, the sound is reproduced true-to-life, and the video realistic and accurate.

Acer’s notebooks with Acer Purified.Voice technology have proven in laboratory tests to improve speech accuracy scores up to 1.5 times3with vacuum cleaner ambient noise, compared to models without Skype certification.

“Acer has made significant investments to deliver an exceptional customer experience across its portfolio. They’ve done some fantastic optimization of audio and voice, so the Cortana experience is delightful and works fantastically well,” said Peter Han, VP Worldwide OEM Marketing, Microsoft.

Acer has widely implemented Precision Touchpads (PTP) on both consumer and commercial notebooks, allowing a unified Windows user experience across the touchpad and touchscreen, providing touchpad gestures and behaviors consistent with those of a touchscreen. Better accuracy is achieved through higher resolution hardware and built-in palm rejection, while all of this quality and functionality is provided right out of the box, with no additional drivers needed and settings easily adjustable through the Windows Control Panel.

Windows devices designed for both work and play, from the commercial and consumer product lines will be on display running Windows 10, including award-winning models such as the Aspire Switch 10 E 2-in-1 notebook, Aspire R 13 convertible notebook, TravelMate P645 commercial notebook, and Revo One RL85 mini PC.

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