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Alan Chng: The man behind the company that delights us always

Printers and Digital Cameras, these devices are surely the first things that will pop out of your mind once you’ve heard the word Canon. Canon is one of the leaders in innovations, the one that promised to delight us always. And behind this reputable name is an exceptional leader, Canon Philippines’ President and CEO, Mr. Alan Chng.

Mr. Chng finds living up to everyone’s expectations is the most challenging part of his job. He also quoted that “leading a company of thousand employees is not a walk in the park.” He believes that it definitely requires hard work, fulfilling his responsibility to set as a good example and a role model.

Spoon-feeding is not Mr. Chng’s way of leading the company. He is the kind of leader that lets his people explore and discover things on their own. He does not dictate them in the means they want to do their job nor interfere in their decision-making. He aims to have a team that value responsibility in their respective jobs.

He believes that there are three things that allow people to thrive: creativity, spontaneity and flexibility – which he encourages in the company. The slogan “Delighting You Always” is the way that reminds Canon employee to maintain a delightful atmosphere inside the company. Mr. Chng makes it to the point of keeping and promoting a healthy and fun working environment for them to be able to delight all their customers. They actually have a Customer Intimacy Program that was created for them to love the customers in order for them to provide services beyond expectation.

Even though Canon always does its best, it doesn’t take for granted their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Mr. Chng believes that CSR activities play a significant role in shaping the perception of people about Canon. “We want to provide an even greater value to our customers by creating and engaging in CSR activities,” he stated.


What makes you happy?
There are many things that make me happy. Professionally, when our company is being recognized for its hard work, when I see the faces of the families who we’ve helped with our CSR projects, or just customers expressing their appreciation. These are signs that we are continuously doing the right things. Personally, my family makes me happy and after a hard days work, I get the joy out of knowing that I am working hard for them.

What makes you upset?
I try to remain as positive as possible. An example would be if I don’t play a really good game of golf, I don’t feel disappointed or upset. I enjoy what I am doing and I just look at the future in the positive light so I know that the next time I play, I can do better and enjoy the companionship of people I get to meet.

What inspires you the most?
I find myself lucky to be working with Canon whose expertise in business and imaging solutions has helped me and my team to improve efficiency. I am also fortunate to have a bright, healthy and productive team that continues to motivate me and others.

How do you unwind after a hectic day at work?
To see that my family is well and happy relaxes me. Normal day to day stress dissipates quickly when I see my daughter laughing and simply enjoying our quality time together.

How do you handle pressure?
Pressure comes when dateline gets near or things happen suddenly. We are always prepared for eventuality / crisis management, however, disasters like March 11 Japan Tsunami and flood in Thailand is different.

How do you handle success and failure?
I believe that one must always remain positive. Even negative experiences can be taken as opportunities for change or the chance to do better. And in times of success, it is best to share and celebrate this with all those who have contributed to the achievement. I also believe that once you are at the top, there are still new challenges that you must face to stay on top so continuous development is a key. Success is a journey and not a destiny. Yesterday and today’s success cannot guarantee us for tomorrow’s success.

What new products should we expect from Canon this 2012?
I do not want to spoil the surprise! We have many new products and activities in store for the year 2012 because this is our 15th year anniversary. Many feel as if we have been here longer because of all that we have already achieved. What I can promise our customers is that we will ensure that they are all continuously delighted, beyond their expectations in 2012.

What are your goals for Canon Philippines this 2012?
For 2012, I’d like for Canon Philippines to be the market leader for all product groups. We’ve done it in 2011 for DSLR, Video Camera, and Inkjet. But in 2012, I envision us being over-all number one in the Philippines for all major Canon products.

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