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Alphabet’s Verily is making smart shoes that can track weight and detect falls

Alphabet’s life sciences arm Verily is reportedly working on smart shoes that can track user’s movements and weight and could also detect falls through embedded sensors.

In a report by, google’s sister company has shown a prototype of the design in private meetings during the recent months and has been looking for co-developers to create the shoes and make them available in the market.

It is not certain if the project is still active, but should Verily pushes through with the project, the smart shoes could be very useful to detect possible health conditions, for example, relating to weight gain.

It could also be useful to keep track to the elderly as the smart shoes could detect falls as well.

Apart from the smart shoes, Verily is also working on health-related projects including a stabilizing spoon which may help people with movement disorders eat; a smartwatch for its clinical research efforts; and a “smart” contact lens for age-related farsightedness or for improvement of sight after a cataract surgery.

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