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Apple new repair policy allows to fix iPhones with third-party batteries

Apple has made their repair policy more customer-friendly as the tech company now allows repairs on iPhones replaced with third-party batteries.

According to a report by, iPhones with batteries installed by third-party shops are now eligible for service at Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Prior to the new Apple policy, the Genius Bar and AASPs were instructed to deny service of iPhones with third-party batteries regardless of the circumstances.

With the new service policy, the mentioned repair and service providers are now ordered to ignore third-party batteries if the repair is not battery-related, such as repairing microphones, logic boards, or the display and proceed with the service.

If the service involves the repair of battery, the Genius Bar and AASPs are now allowed to replace third-party batteries with the official Apple battery for the standard fee.

Technicians could also replace the entire unit for only the cost of a battery replacement at their discretion if the battery tabs are broken or missing, or if the iPhone has excessive adhesive.

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