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Apple’s next iPhone could be waterproof

Apple’s next move could be a waterproof phone. As U.S patent application says that Apple files patent entitled “Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture,” introduce hydrophobic Conformal Coatings and Silicon Seals to cover the internal parts of the phone. According to Apple insider:

Many electronic devices are susceptible to water damage because they are not fully sealed and include various openings for charging, connecting peripherals, and inputting and outputting audio. While bulky cases have had a certain amount of success at mitigating water entry through the aforementioned openings, a protective case is of little or no value once water has entered the device housing.

When water enters into the device housing, some high powered components and wiring are often subject to damage even when a minimal amount of water enters the electronic device. In particular, corrosion of soldered components is quite common and can lead to device failure.”

It will not be purely waterproof but Apple will continue to experiment their technology to make it water resistant. The company hasn’t announce yet about implementing this technology yet the Iphone 6s will be expected to be launched later this year.

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