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Autodesk showcased the latest technology innovations and solutions in CAD through Virtual Reality (VR)

Makati, Manila Oct. 11, 2018 – Autodesk, in partnership with Wordtext Systems Inc., carried a successful event entitled “STEP INSIDE: See & Experience Your Design Space” at Ascott Makati last October 11, 2018 that targeted the C-Level executives of different architectural and construction companies. Autodesk highlighted the use of its prominent Media and Entertainment product, 3dsMax and its built-in engines, 3dsMax Interactive and Arnold, showcasing how it can be utilized to augment Architectural, Engineering, and Construction workflows.

The Future of Making

According to Mr. Tiu, Autodesk Philippines Country Manager, Autodesk is continuously developing and innovating their technology to adapt to the current evolving market. This 2018, Autodesk is ranked 15th in the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes. Mr. Tiu also shared that “We are now living in a different era”, explaining and comparing how things were being done in the past and are now replaced with more efficient processes and techniques which equate to increased productivity and profitability in turn driving businesses in different industries on a global scale.