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BounceBack movement launches Digital Bayanihan

To help the Philippines bounce back from the pandemic, the BounceBack Global Movement aims to train 10 million entrepreneurs, educators, and leaders in government and private sector through the Digital Bayanihan Initiative (DBI).

The DBI will help Filipinos acquire world-class validated digital competencies that will enable them to become resilient and bounce back better than ever from the crisis. The training will be delivered through BounceBack Academy’s Digital Certification programs in partnership with various communities and training providers.

“There are a lot of free webinars now on digital transformation, resiliency and business continuity strategies but there’s no common roadmap that will guide entrepreneurs or MSMEs, educators and leaders in their digital transformation journey,” explained Jason dela Rosa, BounceBack movement Founder. “What we did is we codified and curated the
webinars that transpired in our platform and fused them with The Practical and
Resilient Entrepreneur framework and developed several training and certification courses.”

BounceBack also officially launches the following Digital Certification programs, with three levels of proficiencies — Adept, Expert and Master:

(1) For MSMEs
(a) Certified Digital Entrepreneur
(b) Certified Digital Business Leader
(2) For the Education Sector
(a) Certified Digital Educator
(b) Certified Digital Education Leader
(c) Certified Digital Course Developer
(d) Certified Digital Edupreneur
(3) For Public Servants
(a) Certified Digital Governance Leader
(b) Certified Digital Enforcers (Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Audit)
(4) For Risk and Audit Practitioners
(a) Certified Digital Auditor
(b) Certified Digital Asset Manager

“These training and certification programs are competencies-based and aligned towards global standards and best practices,” explained Gelix Mercader, BounceBack movement Co-Founder and Lead for BounceBack Academy. “We are launching a scholarship program for them so MSMEs, educators, leaders and government civil servants will be trained for free and help them in their journey to become better after the crisis.”
Mercader added that they are signing up content partners, speakers and mentors who share in their passion to help everyone bounce back from this crisis.
“For the Launch Phase of the BounceBack Digital Bayanihan Initiative Scholarship Program, 1,000 individuals will be given full scholarships. The Top 100 will also get the BounceBack DBI Online Starter Kit consisting of a laptop, one-year mobile internet access and exclusive access to BounceBack Academy and the Practical Learning Co. content.
Ten thousand individuals will also be given partial scholarships.,” Mercader elaborated. “The DBI Scholarship Fund will be raised from the proceeds of all of our online events, including the upcoming Education and MSME Virtual Conferences and EXPOs. So we’re going to rely on the kindness and generosity of those who wish to see the country bounce back from the pandemic.”

For partnership inquiries on the BounceBack Digital Bayanihan Initiative and the Digital Scholarship Program, send eMail to . For inquiries on BounceBack Academy’s Digital Certification programs and the DBI Scholarship Program, send eMail to .