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Canon ends sales of last film camera

After more than 80 years of selling film cameras, Canon officially ended the sale of their last film-based camera— the Canon EOS-1V which was introduced back in 2000.

In a report by, Canon which ended the production of the 35mm film camera in 2010 finally ended selling the last model which they continued to ship and sell from excess inventory up until the the end of sales.

The “V” in the model is in reference to the film camera being the company’s 5th generation professional SLR camera and stands for “Vision” as well.

The EOS branding meanwhile stands for Electro-Optical System which also persists in Canon’s digital camera models.

Despite ending the sales of the last film camera model, Canon has vowed to accommodate repair orders until October 31, 2025 but may refuse once necessary parts are no longer available after October 31, 2020.

On the other hand, Nikon still sells film camera models such as the FM10 and the F6.

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