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Canon Makes Business Easier and More Efficient for Floro International Corporation

Ms. Pat Floro with the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF750 large format printer

Canon, through its Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) division has helped Floro International Corporation to exceed their client’s expectations with the advanced technologies that are now available to them. Through this partnership, businesses in the corporate, architectural, and engineering industry will be able to increase productivity that is, do more with less work.

Floro International Corporation is an ISO certified company with over 30 years of experience in the micrographics and imaging industry—making it one of the most experienced Filipino companies involved in the long-term preservation of records. They offer an array of archive products and supplies under the microfilm industry, including microfilm cameras, readers, and films. Their clients include government agencies, medical suppliers, manufacturers, banks, and the defense industry, among others.

Floro International focuses on corporate accounts and its three other affiliates – Florofoto Corporation, Floro Blue (FBP Group of Companies), and the Microfilm Corporation of the Philippines – and manages consumer accounts related to imaging, duplicating or converting media.

Floro International utilizes a variety of digitizing equipment that is available for different sizes and types of media used for backing up and archiving purposes. The affiliates in charge of the consumer division focuses on Document Conversion Services or the conversion from paper to digital, paper to microfilm, and microfilm to digital, which they refer to as backward technology.

The large format printers play a great role in Floro Blue (FBP Group of Companies). As a company who caters mostly to architects and engineers, quality prints are needed by these customers. “We have handled all sorts of plotters over the years and we found that Canon plotters are faster than others we have used before,” says Ms. Patricia Ann Floro, Vice President of Floro International Corporation.

When it comes to Floro International, on the other hand, corporate accounts are the focus for their digitizing equipment. “As a service provider, we need reliable scanners. We cannot just purchase any scanner that is not fit to the requirements needed,” Floro said.

Together with a scanner, a document management software will help provide a more efficient and organized source of documents. “Once you convert data to digital, you will need a document management software because searching for converted documents will be difficult. Globodox and Sohodox are the two products that help manage what people convert into digital,” she said.

With this need, Floro International and Canon partnered last October 2013 along with some government agencies to promote the imageFORMULA scanner with Sohodox software. “We were able to integrate our product with Canon to provide real solutions to our clients,” Floro said.

Through their strong partnership and thriving business, Floro recommends Canon to their clients. “I would recommend Canon to other businesses and industries, especially to those who want to do scanning and plotting themselves. The good thing about having a relationship with Canon is the fact that they offer a whole variety,” she said.

Apart from the current business of document scanners and large format printers, Floro is looking forward to availing of other products. “Aside from large format printers, Canon also has wide-scale scanners which will help open our company to addressing photography and advertising requirements,” Floro said.

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