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Cisco names Ardent Networks as ‘The Technology Distributor of the year for FY20’

Ardent Networks was invited to Cisco Philippines’ most sought out technology event, The Future Ready FY20 Partner Appreciation.

Steve Vials, Director of Strategy and Operations, Collaboration Sales APJC at Cisco graciously awarded Ardent Networks as The Technology Distributor of the year. He mentioned how Ardent Networks won this award as they “delivered successful architecture initiatives supporting the local teams drive to develop a maturity of Cisco’s core technologies. In the initial initiatives, they delivered double-digit growth. Congratulations! Not just on one but on a handful of Cisco architectures.”

In the past, we all attended events with hundreds of participants, interacted with people face to face, and shook hands for congratulations.
This year, the Partner Appreciation Event was held online to ensure everyone’s safety.

The pandemic has enforced changes in every industry. We have seen enterprises rise and fall throughout 2020. Despite these major changes
that had to be made to survive an increasingly challenging year for everyone, they all had to continue working and giving their best efforts.

Mr. Anthony Joseph De Jesus, General Manager for Product Management, Marketing, and Services of Ardent Networks Inc. was proud to be a representative of Ardent Networks and gave recognition to the Ardent Team for their hard work during the pandemic. He also said, “2020 has indeed been a challenging year but together you were able to create opportunities and I believe that it is through difficulties that partnerships are molded and strengthened. Although this is not over yet I am confident that growing through this next phase will be a breeze because of both of our teams’ winning attitudes, we continue to be committed and as Ardent we will continue to strive for business and technological excellence. We are Ardent Networks we power innovation.”

Ardent Networks continues to stand out and provide high-quality products and services throughout difficult times. They will rise above and grow as technology moves forward.

Ardent Networks, Inc. is a Value-Add Distributor of Enterprise and Network Technology Solutions. A leading distributor from the LAMCO Group of Companies. Cisco has been partnered with Ardent Networks since they are still a part of the LAMCO Group of Companies established in 1984.