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Converge ICT boosts internet connectivity through pure fiber technology

The power of pure fiber technology has evolved as a future-driven innovation efficient in leveraging connectivity for homes and businesses. With its capabilities of delivering high-speed internet, it has also geared its users with an optimum level of productivity.

In the Philippines, Converge ICT—a provider of world-class ICT products and solutions—is one of the pioneers in rolling out next-generation broadband services capable of improving lives and empowering businesses.

With the increasing demand for fast and reliable internet, the company dedicated the capabilities of pure fiber technology in innovating relevant and customer-focused solutions for its clients.

“Access to the Internet has accelerated recently as we are now amid digitalization,” said Dennis Anthony Uy, Converge ICT President and CEO. “That is why we are leveraging on the power of pure fiber technology so that all our clients can enjoy the full potentials of having an efficient and reliable connectivity.”

The power of fiber optic cables

Pure fiber technology utilizes fiber optic cables that are composed of thin strands of fiber optics that are lightweight, durable, non-flammable, and non-corrosive. Thus, it is also less prone to downtimes and interruptions as they do not break easily, do not conduct electricity, and can be submerged in water. One fiber can stretch up to several kilometers and is capable of transmitting 100Gbps.

Converge ICT delivers symmetrical connection among its subscribers allowing them to enjoy high-speed and equal download and upload links. Hence, users can now experience fast internet browsing, reliable transfer of data online, seamless voice calls, clear reception of cable television channels, among others. Moreover, unlike other internet service providers, the company’s internet services impose no data cap allowing its subscribers to fully utilize the package that they subscribed to.

Converge ICT difference

Converge ICT has rolled out thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cables beneath the ground using the latest micro-trenching technology. The company offers a variety of services fit for home use, with internet speed that runs as fast as 100 Mbps. For businesses, its network can provide solutions tailored for businesses, whether big or small in scale. Its customer service lines are also open 24/7 to immediately address connection issues and other concerns.

With almost two decades of experience in cable operations and telecommunications, Converge ICT has expanded its presence from Central Luzon to Metro Manila and South Luzon.

Uy concluded “Better technology means better experience for homes and businesses who want to maximize the potentials of fast and reliable connectivity. With Converge ICT, these homes and companies can now enjoy seamless connections whether for work or play.”

In the coming years, Converge ICT envisions to provide its services to Visayas and Mindanao so that more communities can benefit from the potentials of the technology it brings with it.