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Data Loss Prevention: Data Privacy for All

Data privacy is everybody’s right, whether poor or rich – it is not just exclusive for a certain group of people, but for all. Losing important personal information has a lot of bad implications such as identity theft, internet fraud, etc. Safeguarding one’s data is the sole purpose of the Data Privacy Act (Republic Act No. 10173) because the reality of data-related issues or risks are happening everywhere. The world has seen different issues related to data breach in which companies were not able to protect the data of their clients. Data leaks exposed the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information of millions of people. We don’t want it to happen – we want to prevent it before it creates so damage.

Prevention is better than cure, as most people say, and to prevent data loss or data breach, we have to make an action plan in averting so. One action plan that everyone can do is to get security softwares for their business. Without any security to prevent data loss or data breach, anything bad can happen to the data we are trying to protect. To prevent it, one of the best solution for data loss or breach is to have advanced cybersecurity solutions – and McAfee just have the answer.

McAfee’s Complete Endpoint Protection for Business protects sensitive data for whatever use and control over the use of sensitive information. Not only that, it is also a complete package:

Taking a big step towards safeguarding against data loss or data breach is partnering with the Data Privacy Act that we have in the Philippines. After all, it is for everyone’s safety and benefit that our data is protected and prevented from any data-related risks.

Wordtext Systems Inc., an IT distributor in the Philippines, offers cybersecurity solutions such as McAfee. For more inquiries, you may contact them at (+63 2) 858-5555 or visit their website at