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Employees’ bad IT habits put corporate data at risk, says report

A new report from data security firm WinMagic revealed that corporate data are at risk of cyber attacks due to employees’ bad IT habits.

After surveying British office workers, the firm found that 42 percent of U.K. employees use devices not provided by their employer to work with corporate e-mails and files. The firm also discovered that 52 percent of workers use personal online accounts to store or access work files.

Laptops, smartphones, and USB devices were the top three personal devices that are being used by workers while the top three online accounts used by workers to access and store files are Hotmail, Gmail, and Dropbox.

The firm warned that those personal devices put corporate data at risk because they often lack the same level of security that an enterprise would employ.

“IT departments need to consider carefully how they strike the balance between giving employees the flexibility they need, and ensuring the security of corporate data,” said Mark Hickman, Chief Operating officer at WinMagic.

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