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EnGenius launches Mesh Wi Fi system for buffer-free internet connection

Like electricity, Wi-Fi is fast becoming a basic home utility. And like electricity, you want your Wi-Fi to be accessible and reliable in all areas of your home or small business.

The outdated single-router solution limits your wireless range. While the router to repeater scenario limits your access speed.

The Solution: A Whole-Home Wi-Fi System.

A mesh network spreads out each connection, ensuring Wi-Fi beyond the reach of a single router’s signal. Each mesh router pod on the network will also intelligently “talk” to its neighboring pods, which also then “talk” to their neighboring pods.

Each pod notifies the others that they are available to receive network data. These smart-sensors are always scanning to detect the best connection quality and fastest path.

The advanced mesh algorithm identifies and immediately fixes network slowdowns, re-routing data in the event a pod’s data “traffic lanes” are congested or the pod gets unplugged.