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Facebook partners with Microsoft, universities to detect deepfake

Facebook is teaming up with Microsoft Corp, the Partnership on AI coalition, and several universities to have a better detection of deepfakes through a contest.

In Facebook’s blog post, the company launched the Deepfake Detection Challenge which aims “to produce technology that everyone can use to better detect when AI has been used to alter a video in order to mislead the viewer.”

Facebook described “Deepfake” as techniques presenting realistic AI-generated videos of real people doing and saying fictional things which have significant implications for determining the legitimacy of information presented online.

Facebook stated: “The Deepfake Detection Challenge will include a data set and leaderboard, as well as grants and awards, to spur the industry to create new ways of detecting and preventing media manipulated via AI from being used to mislead others.”

“The governance of the challenge will be facilitated and overseen by the Partnership on AI’s new Steering Committee on AI and Media Integrity, which is made up of a broad cross-sector coalition of organizations including Facebook, WITNESS, Microsoft, and others in civil society and the technology, media, and academic communities,” Facebook added.

Facebook will be commissioning a realistic data set that will use paid actors who are willing to contribute in the challenge. It also clarified that no Facebook user data will be used in the data set.

Facebook said that it will also be funding research collaborations and prizes for the challenge in order to help encourage more participation with a budget of over $10 million to fund the industry-wide effort.

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