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Flying taxi service will start regulatory approval process in New Zealand

Google co-founder Larry Page was reportedly funding two companies that were developing flying vehicles back in 2016.

One of these firms, Kitty Hawk will start testing its flying service in New Zealand as part of a regulatory approval process. New York Times reports that Kitty Hawk hopes to have a network of its electric, autonomous air taxis up and running in the country within three years.

Kitty Hawk’s taxi named Cora has a wingspand of 36 feet and is powered by twelve battery-powered rotors and has a drone-like vertical take-off and uses a rear propeller to reach up to 110 mph with a range of around 62 miles.

It’s taken eight years to develop Cora which can fly 3000 feet above the ground and carry two passengers.

Kitty Hawk is working on an app that lets users hail an aircraft.

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