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Fujitsu releases 8 models of A4 High-Speed Image Scanners

Fujitsu, simultaneously launches 8 new models of commercial image scanners in the “fi Series”. All 8 new models, 4 ADF (1) models, “fi-8190”, “fi-8170”, ”fi-8150” and ”fi-8150U”, and 4 flatbed-equipped models, “fi-8290”, fi-8270”, “fi-8250” and “fi-8250U” are available.

The Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-8000 Series is compact and fastest in its class (2), and demonstrates excellent productivity at 90 ppm / 180 ipm (3) (duplex), on high speed scanning with a large capacity tray loading up to 100 sheets (4) at a time. Equipped with the world’s first (5) “Automatic Separation Control”, these new models scan big volumes of various documents (including passports and A3-sizes) smoothly. Users can scan comfortably without stopping to handle misfeeds. Generate sharp and clear images excellent for data extraction and OCR processing with the newly developed “Clear Image Capture”.

In addition to the USB3.2 interface, the fi Series scanners support LAN connectivity (6), allowing either network connection and operation with a PC, or simply as a standalone scanner in a PC-less environment using the “PaperStream NX Manager” (7).

To date, more than 13 million image scanners have been shipped worldwide (8) and efforts to pursue organizational efficiency continue.

  1. Tops its class with scan speeds and state-of-art feeding technology in a compact size


  • Scan large volumes with confidence

Scan comfortably with the world’s first Automatic Separation Control
that optimizes paper separation torque according to the number of sheets
loaded. Volume scanning of up to 100 sheets at a time are also possible
with the large capacity tray. These features, combined with high-speed
scans of 90 sheets per minute save time by preventing misfeeds and
interruptions mid-scan.


  • Protect documents with the World’s first paper protection technology

In addition to the iSOP technology, the new models also come with the world’s first, Image Monitoring technology. With this technology, image tilt is monitored real time so that scans come to a halt once image angles exceed the “safe” range to keep documents free of damage. Sound and image technologies now come together to enhance protection accuracy and heighten comfort of scanning.

  • Supports a wide range of documents, from passports to bank books

The new Manual Feed Mode enables reading of copy forms, glued papers and A3 size, bi-folded documents. In addition, passports or booklets up to a thickness of 7 mm can be read as well, without the hassle of sandwiching them between carrier sheets.

  • Improved multifeed detection to streamline reading cards and documents with labeling

A powered-up multifeed detection is now available to make scans easier. While the conventional multi-feed detection simply detected double feeds with the ultrasonic sensors regardless of document, the improved multi-feed detection automatically identifies thick plastic cards and documents with stickers, photos, or adhesive labeling to prevent the detection as double feeds. Additionally, there is no need for users to switch profiles according to document, streamlining scanning of mixed batches whether this may be a mixture of driver’s licenses and application documents.

2. Generates highly reliable image data for business use

  1. PaperStream NX Manager supports various operation modes according to the customer’s


In addition to the USB3.2 interface, the new models now support LAN connectivity (6). Scan without a PC and from Web applications running on thin client terminals using PaperStream NX Manager (7). Installation of software on every device is not necessary and the PaperStream IP Net function enables switching to a network connection without need for manual operation. In addition, generation of Searchable PDFs are now available for use.