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Get your hands on these trendy and functional top 10 Shopee item wishlist

If you’re thinking of what to buy this coming pay day, worry no more because Shopee has it all.

With its variety of product choices from home living to games and collectibles and everything in between, Shopee can surely give exactly what you are looking for by just simply browsing and clicking items of your choice. After checking out, expect your products to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

To help you decide on what to purchase, here are our top 10 Shopee item wishlist:

1. Romoss NEON LED Screen External Power Bank

This will be your ultimate life saver when that phone battery turns red!

2. Goya Spread Trio

Just your favorite spread, but wait, it comes in three!

3. Vice Cosmetics Box Office Pouch

If you want to achieve a “gandang pak na pak”, this liquid lipstick set is for you!