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Globe Business inks partnership with Ximex Delivery Express Inc.

Globe Business has once again gained the trust of one of the country’s biggest enterprises as primary domestic cargo forwarding company Ximex Delivery Express, Inc. recently signed a partnership with the enterprise arm of Globe Telecom for its mobile telephony services and fleet management system in time for the upgrade of its services.

With business in worldwide freight logistics, Ximex Delivery Express, Inc. acquired new postpaid lines and a fleet management system. All the new services are to equip their employees together with their cargo vehicles and trucks to increase productivity and ease in asset management.

Globe Business’ Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solution for Fleet Management enables Ximex’s machines and other equipment to remotely exchange real-time data with other machines, people or information systems through Globe’s reliable communication network with minimal human intervention.

With Globe Business’ Fleet Management System, Ximex can efficiently track their moving assets like delivery, service, or other vehicles using GPS devices. It allows for proper monitoring of the vehicles’ location, distance traveled, engine status and speed. The service also includes the capability to send alerts wherever there is an incident, anytime and anywhere.

“We look forward to a long lasting partnership with Ximex as we help grow their operations with our innovative mobile and ICT solutions services,” shares Globe Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group Nikko Acosta. He says that Globe Business remains a trailblazer when it comes to innovative technological solutions that help boost operations of enterprises.

Globe Vice President for IT Enabled Services Rey Lugtu attests, “A reliable solution like our M2M Fleet Management System ensures that a company has complete control of their moving assets. We are privileged to be Ximex’s preferred service provider and we will continue to prioritize offering them solutions that will help them focus on their main business.”

Ximex President Jerome Ibanez adds, “It is an advantage that Globe Business is making these kinds of solutions readily available for companies like ours. These types of services are exactly what we need for us to improve our operations and promote increased productivity. We are confident that with this partnership, we can better equip Ximex with efficient and productive solutions.”

For over 2 decades, Ximex has consistently been a frontrunner in the industry with more than 20 branches located nationwide alongside 3 regional hubs, employing local agents and partners worldwide. Covering Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Ximex specializes in prompt door-to-door deliveries of full load and co-load shipments via land, air and sea.

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