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Globe chief: motivated, happy employees propel us to the top Winning culture, engagement key to telco’s transformation success

Amid the backdrop of a resounding corporate performance in almost all business indicators last year, the highest Globe Telecom executive alludes to its greatest asset as the key driver of these successes: its happy, motivated manpower.

The telco’s president & CEO Ernest Cu attributes the company’s commercial triumphs to the 6,000-plus strong Globe employees who serve as the catalyst in driving the organization to its best form ever, emerging as the Philippines’ No. 1 mobile brand as of late.

“A company can acquire the most modern equipment, technology or the biggest coffers to boast of. Our key differentiator though is the human asset which pilots the organization to success or failure. I am honored to say that the happiest, most motivated personnel in our industry resides in Globe, and likely that of leading organizations in the country or elsewhere in the world,” claimed the Globe chief, during the company’s recently-held Annual Stockholders’ Meeting (ASM).

The highest-ranking Globe official revealed that the recent string of achievements were a result of various revolutions it had undertaken as a company: digital, commercial, network, information technology and culture – the last one encompassing its people. There, he shared that the company’s own brand of “winning culture” and “active employee engagement” are guided by what the call “The Globe Way,” which is key to transformation success currently being enjoyed by Globe.

“The Globe Way” was instituted in 2010, almost half a decade ago, during what Mr. Cu recalled were “challenging times” for Globe, when its market share was at its lowest point. With a revamped mindset among each and every Globe employee, the state of the company’s affairs underwent a radical transformation and altered its esprit de corps for the better.

The top Globe executive maintains that the said culture is their “clear, competitive advantage.” Even as “The Globe Way” positions the customers front-and-center, its essence also embeds employee engagement. Along with shareholders satisfaction, they keep what they call the “Circle of Happiness” revolving in constant, perpetual motion.

“Superior people, superior relationships, and a superior culture will keep us on top, fueled by the current momentum built on a culture of aggressiveness and innovation. Our people work hard because of their innate love for Globe. Those are the ingredients that brought us to our lofty place in the industry which I believe will keep us up there,” Mr. Cu pointed out.

That “innate care” and “love” realized in 2014 what would be the highest employee satisfaction rating recorded at 87%, as attested by global human capital consulting firm Watson-Wyatt. As noted by the Globe chief during the press briefing that immediately followed the stockholders’ meeting, “nobody has ever approached that score here in the Philippines.”

Globe has likewise been receiving global accolades by way of numerous distinctions. Last year, the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) conferred to the telco the title of “Best Company to Work For.” The recognition highlighted the top three elements its employees value: company vision, clarity and alignment to its goals, as well as job enrichment, culled from an Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted in 2013.

Mr. Cu noted that, “Service and customer experience are what we aim to do well in Globe. We want our customers to be happy and remain that way. It will not be possible if it will not reflect on the kind of people who interact and cater to our publics. There are very few, if any, telcos in the world that have done what our men and women have achieved. We want to keep Globe as a very happy place and keep that ‘Circle of Happiness’ spinning.”

“Our modernized network are already up and running, as well as great concept stores and systems in place, but without our fantastic people, every effort we have exerted to bring us to where we are now will not be sustainable. Others can acquire whatever technology we have, but what they cannot have is our people, and the heart they have for Globe,” he emphasized.

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