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Globe direct carrier billing service drives customer shift to digital lifestyle

Globe Telecom’s pioneering direct carrier billing service for apps on Google Play and Apple App Store has become a major driving force in the continuing shift to digital lifestyle, as more smartphone owners are now getting into the habit of purchasing apps for a richer mobile experience.

The number of Globe customers per day who have either bought an app or bought items inside apps on the Google Play Store have more than doubled since the service was launched in October 2014. Meanwhile, there are over 300,000 customers using the GCash American Express Virtual Pay to date, allowing them to conveniently purchase apps from the Apple App Store, with iTunes App purchases comprising 27% of total GCash American Express Virtual Pay purchases in 2014. Total transaction growth of GCash American Express Virtual Pay from 2013 to 2014 was recorded at 65%.

Globe introduced the direct carrier billing service for Android smartphone users last year to enable customers to purchase apps and charge their purchases to their postpaid bill or prepaid load without the need for a credit card. It has since attracted a significant number of customers to buy premium apps and other content on the Google Play Store.

Aside from the direct carrier billing service for Google Play Store, customers were able to purchase apps, media, and games from the Apple Store using the GCash American Express Virtual Pay since 2012. Customers just need to register their GCash American Express Virtual Pay card details to their Apple account and begin purchasing right away.

“As the leading digital service provider in the country, Globe pioneered direct carrier billing service in the country in line with our commitment of providing products and services relevant to our customers. We are delighted to see that this particular service provided an impetus in making customers’ lives easier and more convenient as they shift to a digital lifestyle,” Dan Horan, Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Group.

Horan pointed out that prior to Globe Telecom’s introduction of direct carrier billing service, many Filipinos availed only of free apps to use on their mobile devices, due to non-ownership of a credit card, which remains to be the most popular way of paying for premium apps on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Based on the CIA Fact Book in 2013, only 4% of Filipinos own credit cards.

To begin purchasing apps on Google Play Store, first time users just need to select the app they wish to purchase, accept the app permissions and on the payment options menu, select “Enable Globe Telecom Billing”. After agreeing to the Terms of Service, register your phone number, name and address then payment will be processed successfully. For succeeding purchases, customers need to enter your Google ID and password to continue processing the payment. Over a million apps are available to customers on Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, users can get a GCash American Express Virtual Pay account via different platforms such as the GCash mobile app available on the App Store, Google Play Store, BlackBerry App World and GCash website. GCash American Express Virtual Pay is a virtual prepaid card linked to a user’s GCash wallet that allows a secure way of shopping from online retail sites that accept American Express. With the service, buyers can transfer funds to their GCash wallets by cashing in from the customer’s bank account or through any of over 7,000 GCash outlets nationwide.

GCash American Express Virtual Pay allows buyers to provide a personalized US address where the item can be delivered to, granting Filipinos direct access to exclusive US goods. From this address, the item will then be shipped to the buyer’s preferred delivery address in the Philippines.

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