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Globe presents Samsung Galaxy S6 Mythical Five

How do you live your life? In a fast-paced society where it’s easy to get lost in the noise of everyday chaos, many of us have turned to our devices such as our smartphones and tablets to make our lives easier to manage.

Meet Chino, LA, Robbie, Katarina, and Tonet, five of tinsel town’s newest faces who have become experts in embracing today’s digital lifestyle. They may have different interests and passions, but one thing common among them is how they maximize the power of technology to live their digital lifestyle to the fullest.

Chino is known as the first Filipino astronaut. This feat alone speaks volumes on how he has successfully reached his dream and has yet to fulfill it by traveling to space. Apart from voyaging into the galaxy, Chino is also largely into health and fitness as a CrossFit coach.

LA is a fashion model and a certified Axe Gold Man who continues to gain a major following with his phenomenal style as well as his countless travels around the world. His charisma has brought him far as he has traveled, sharing his dreams of exploring more of the world and sharing it with everyone.

Robbie is a photographer, lifestyle blogger, and model who shares his interest in fashion in his blog, He stands out with his exceptional skill in showing what is beautiful; not just in fashion, but in the world in his journey as he travels.

Katarina is Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 Int’l Runner-Up, an MTV Pinoy VJ, and style influencer. Proving that she truly has the edge in fashion, she makes for a sound authority in showing what’s hip and trendy, not just in style but in music as well.

Antoinette or Tonet is an award-winning and blockbuster director, scriptwriter and Palanca awardee. She made her name as one of the youngest filmmakers in country, with hits such as That Thing Called Tadhana and You’re My Boss.

Blessed with a natural gift in multitasking, these five individuals are the best bunch to represent the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge best paired with the Globe myLifestyle Plan. Technology giants Samsung and Globe Telecom recently joined forces to let you design your life in style with a device and a postpaid plan that could be your best companions in this crazy, digital world.

To best maximize these features, Globe is offering its myLifestyle Plan, which is suited for the way mobile phone users like you live today. The myLifestyle Plan has a built-in unlimited calls and texts to Globe and a complete portfolio of lifestyle packs to choose from for easy access to the apps you love.

There’s the Fitness pack for only P99/month that includes access to fitness and health apps such as 7-Minute Workout, Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal, Pact, RunKeeper, Strava Running, and Cycling GPS; Shopping pack for P299/month that allows access to,, eBay, OLX, and Zalora; Navigation pack for only P99/month with useful apps like Accuweather, Google Maps, GrabTaxi, MMDA, Waze; online entertainment service HOOQ for P199/month which gives you access to thousands of international and local movies and TV shows; and Photo pack for only P299/month that has your favorite photo apps such as Instagram, InstaSize, PhotoGrid, and Photo Repost.

If you’re into health and fitness like Chino, then the Fitness Bundle is for you. Perhaps shopping and style like LA? The young model and Axe Gold Man chooses the Shopping Bundle which allows him to stay fashion-updated wherever, whenever. Or could you be a bonafide wanderlust like Robbie who opts for the Navigation Bundle? His blog is an inspiration to many, fueling their passion for what is yet to be seen and captured in the world. Would you happen to be someone who enjoys working behind the scene? Box-office filmmaker Tonet would definitely share your passion for all things entertainment with non-stop access to movies and TV shows with the Entertainment Bundle. And if you’re a style stunner like Katarina, the Photo Bundle is for you. Katarina makes for a huge following on social media and wows followers with her stunning looks as seen in her amazing photos.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB is available at Globe myLifestyle Plan 999, which comes with unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM, GoSURF499 (3GB mobile internet), all-you-want Facebook, plus free Spotify Premium or HOOQ for 3 months, free Gadget Care and Navigation Bundle for 1 month and free 1GB of Globe Cloud. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB is available at Globe myLifestyle Plan 1499, which comes with unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM, GoSURF999 (5GB mobile internet), all-you-want Chat and Facebook plus free Spotify Premium or HOOQ for 3 months, free Gadget Care and Navigation Bundle for 1 month, and free 1GB of Globe Cloud.

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