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Globe pushes innovation drive thru culture of diversity

Key Globe Telecom executives led by President & CEO Ernest Cu, (center, standing) and Chief Human Resource Officer Ato Jiao (extreme left, foreground) pose with a number of students from Wharton at a recent roadshow at the Ivy League university

Globe Telecom is pushing its innovation drive to develop products and services that will enrich the Filipino digital lifestyle by cultivating a culture of diversity among its employees. The telecommunications company is hoping to nurture a work environment where disruptive, innovative and customer-centric ideas will prosper.

“Having a healthy mix of employees with different backgrounds and expertise encourages collaboration and learning various cultures. As the country’s leading mobile services provider, our multinational talents also help strengthen our global perspective. We are doing this to prepare for the future so we can continue to deliver fresh ideas and experiences to our customers,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said.

One project to support the development of a culture of diversity involves an internship and recruitment program, establishing a strong academe-industry linkage between Globe and identified Ivy League schools. The program promises to attract and build a pipeline of MBA talents from the top US business schools within the organization.

The company conducted a roadshow in major business schools in the US including Harvard Business School, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, and Kellogg School of Management. Aside from Cu, Globe key executives were warmly received by close to a hundred students from the top universities.

Highlights of the roadshow include latest trends in the telecommunications industry in Asia and the Philippines amid the proliferation of over-the-top messaging services. Globe also drew attention to its winning culture and Circle of Happiness philosophy where happy employees understand their value and contribution, creating more opportunities for better products and services for customers to enjoy. Happy customers circle back to increased business growth, delighting shareholders as well.

Last year, Globe was hailed as Top Company to Work For In Asia at the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2014, a testament to its efforts to create the most wonderful experience possible for each of its over 6,000 employees nationwide. This award is presented to companies that take on a people centric approach and demonstrate strong commitment towards employee empowerment and enrichment.

The winning companies show advocacy for investment in people, recognition and retention, improving employee’s job satisfaction, practices fair communication, and promote work life balance. Companies like Globe who have received this award have low attrition rates, houses a great pool of talents, and have a practice of knowledge sharing among employees and stakeholders. Globe partners with employees in building a workplace that is dynamic, entrepreneurial, collaborative and innovative through a number of initiatives.

In early 2014, Globe was also recognized as Asia’s Best Employer Brand at the 5th Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards and Best Workforce at the 1st Sustainable Business Awards Philippines.

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