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Globe shares journey of becoming a digitally-ready enterprise

Globe Telecom through it’s IT Enabled Services Group, was lead partner of the recently held CIO Conference 2015, organized by Executive Networks Media and IDC Asia/Pacific. Globe Telecom EVP & COO for International and Business Markets Gil Genio gave the keynote speech where he spoke about the value of innovation in redesigning organizations.

During the conference, Genio shares how an organization needs to transform in order to remain relevant in the market. “Two journeys were taken by the organization to stay ahead: one was to become more agile, quicker than the market, and more efficient in serving its customers. But to forge ahead and to maintain the lead, it embarked on the second journey towards innovation,” cites Genio.

The CIO Conference is an opportunity for CIOs and ICT professionals to gain new insights from colleagues and industry experts about various critical business and technology issues. The conference’s learning sessions showcased various IT and business trends that can drive initiatives to help companies become a digitally-ready enterprise.

As part of its transformation journey to better serve its customers, Globe embraced innovation and reflected it in its core services and customer experiences as a response to the rapid evolution in customer behaviour. “We are facing new competitors and alternatives. We want to expand beyond our natural markets and customers. To succeed, we need speed, scale, and flexibility,” added Genio.

Genio concluded by summarizing the company’s journey into key lessons for an organization to succeed in the digital age. This included careful selection of initiative owners who possess a strategic view, investment in businesses outside its core services, adoption of new ways of managing, recognizing difficulty, adoption of new measures and metrics, and evolution of HR and talent management practices. He also added that “CIOs should play the lead role to champion such transformation initiatives.”

Globe Telecom’s efforts coming from its extensive transformation yielded remarkable results by end 2014. Globe capped the previous year on a high note, catapulting to leadership in the Philippine telecommunications industry after posting record-breaking business results in its mobile business in 2014. This resulted to dominance in postpaid and mobile data businesses in revenue market share, making the telco the number 1 mobile brand in the country.

To sustain market leadership in 2015, Globe is set to continue revolutionizing the mobile industry with services and offerings that enrich the mobile experience. Complementing its differentiated customer experience through modern network upgrades are its partnerships with global content providers such as Facebook, Viber, Spotify, NBA, online entertainment service HOOQ, and most recently, iconic entertainment brand Disney.

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