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Globe supports Mondato forum on mobile finance & commerce

As the country’s leader in providing innovative digital services, Globe Telecom is supporting the Mondato Summit, an exclusive thought leadership forum on mobile finance and commerce.

On October 20th and 21st, the Mondato Summit Asia will be held at the Makati Shangri-la where leading experts and their peers come together in an intimate setting to undertake substantive dialogue to uncover actionable insights and advance common objectives. The event will gather decision-makers and influencers focused on the mobile finance & commerce (MFC) ecosystem in Emerging Asia.  This is the first Mondato Summit Asia to be held in the Philippines. Last year, the forum was held in Singapore.

“Globe believes that innovation can be applied across a range of various platforms not only in technology but also in mobile finance and commerce. In supporting the Mondato Summit, we hope to bring in the innovative spirit of stakeholders in mobile finance and commerce.   To help our nation move forward, there is a need to promote greater social inclusion and faster adoption to ICT to support our ability to transform society,” said John Rubio, President & CEO of Globe Fintech Innovations Inc.

Mondato Summit is expected to deliver indispensable knowledge, practical solutions, stimulating engagement, and invaluable contacts in a quest to help stakeholders navigate the fast growing, but highly fluid and complex, MFC space. The Summit format is designed to encourage interaction and create opportunities for department heads from banks, telcos, retailers, investors, development finance institutions/donors, policy makers/regulators, innovative start‐ups, media and others, to discuss real problems in the MFC space, and propose actionable, collaborative solutions.

“Mondato identified the Philippines as the MFC innovation cradle in Emerging Asia where companies come to pilot services due to the uniquely favorable business and market environment. Globe Telecom has been an invaluable partner in making this Summit a reality and bringing local and regional players to showcase the innovation and experimentation thriving across the country, building the pillars of the next generation of MFC,” said Mr. Judah Levine, CEO of Mondato LLC.

As the MFC ecosystem has grown, and is now on the verge of producing “MFC 2.0,” Southeast Asia looks to be the market leader in innovation. The widely varying markets in the region potentially allow for a cross‐pollination of ideas that may be less likely in other mobile money regions, such as Africa.

In fact, companies in the region are taking advantage of the fast growing use of smartphones, social media and m‐commerce to deliver advanced MFC services, such as loans, savings and insurance, and becoming increasingly focused on the introduction of even more complex, multi‐layered MFC value propositions.

The Philippines, for instance, has already seen diverse use cases ranging from the fundamental P2P domestic remittance option, to savings and loans products that leverage social media, to large‐scale G2P cash benefit transfers, as well as convergence propositions. Additionally, international remittances continue to play an important role in the Filipino digital payments ecosystem. It is this variety and spirit of entrepreneurship that makes the Philippines a good testing ground for a country on the road to MFC 2.0.

Mondato is a leading management consultancy specializing in strategic, commercial and operational support for the wider MFC industry. Mondato provides high-impact, hands‐on support for clients across the ecosystem, including service providers such as telcos, technology firms, banks, retailers and investors.

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