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Globe Telecom brings better mobile internet speed to Davao by extending 700 MHz coverage

Globe Telecom recently improved mobile internet speed in Davao by extending its coverage of the 700 Mhz frequency. The telco operator is aggressively activating more cellsites and ramping up capacity, in line with its commitment to improve the mobile internet experience of its customers.

The company fired up sites in Davao using the 700 MHz band, as part of its plan to activate an initial batch of 200 cell sites within the next several months. The sites in Davao serve several locations including the Insular Village, Waterfront Hotel, Nova Tierra Subdivision, Fortune Homes Village, Brgy. Pampanga, Lanang, Dona Pilar Subdivision, resorts in Samal Island that include Paradise Resort, Blue Jazz Resort, Blue Water and Costa Marina, DPWH Region XI Office, Brgy. Panacan, Dona Mercedes Village, Eastern Mindanao Command Camp, Valle Verde Estate Subdivision, Forest Lake Memorial Park,PMPC Village, Celllidona Village, Don Ramon Village and Veterans Village – Phase2. Speed test results showed that with the LTE Advanced technology, using the 700 MHz and 1800 MHz bands generate speeds of up to 160 Mbps.

Globe Senior Vice President Joel Agustin for Program Governance, Network Technical Group, vowed the company will continue to use the new spectrum assets in more sites throughout the country to make real changes in mobile internet experience. Prior to its deployment in Davao, Globe activated 11 sites on 700 MHz in Quezon City.

“As we continue to activate more sites in various parts of the country, we encourage customers to use LTE 700 Mhz capable smartphone devices to really feel the difference in mobile internet speeds. As a result of additional capacity and greater coverage that spectrum provides, more customers will soon be able to experience better mobile internet services,” he said.

However, additional spectrum will not be enough for the ideal mobile internet experience compared to other countries like Singapore and South Korea. The country still needs additional cell sites for wider coverage and better quality mobile experience. “We want first world internet services. To have it we must make our internet infrastructure also at par with other countries. The additional capacity provided by more spectrum use may be short-lived with today’s data-hungry customers and changing digital lifestyle of consumers,” adds Agustin.

Globe is pushing for the creation of the Open Access bill that would standardize permitting processes and fees to address the issues currently facing the industry in terms of infrastructure builds. Globe also recently called on the government to invest in the internet superhighway especially in rural areas to advance economic development in the countryside.