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Globe Telecom, The Mind Museum make teaching science more fun

Globe Telecom and The Mind Museum have joined hands to bring the wonder of science to select public schools across the country through Science Wonder Workshops that are guaranteed to make classroom learning more fun, interactive, and interesting.

“We wanted to show that science is not just a mere subject in school, but it is a way of looking and understanding the world. We hope that from the program’s activities, we can help the teachers gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of science and its relevance to everyday life. Understanding content will enable the teachers themselves to think up even more innovative ways to teach science. With the support of Globe, The Mind Museum will continue to spread the wonder of science as we conduct more workshops like this around the Philippines,” said Maria Isabel Garcia, Curator of The Mind Museum.

Fernando Esguerra, Director for Globe Citizenship said: “We are excited to be part of this roadshow that combines hands-on learning experiences with research and problem-solving opportunities so as to inspire our teachers to help the students build critical skills as well as instill in them the joy of learning.” The partnership with The Mind Museum is in line with Globe Telecom’s commitment to provide Filipinos with 21st century learning and education through Information and Communications Technology with the end goal of creating a digital nation for a #WonderfulPH.”

The one-day workshop emphasizes the essential role of student participation, especially through experiments in teaching science. The teachers get a chance to practice doing hands-on science demonstrations which can be performed with readily available materials. They are guided in this by the Mind Movers, The Mind Museum’s resident scientists, who also give tips on how to make their demonstrations more engaging and interactive. At the end of the program, the teachers work together in groups to use the skills they have learned in putting on a short science show.

Teachers realize that fun challenges can be combined with science concepts. In this activity, teachers had to catch the coin from their elbow, keeping in mind the concept of inertia.