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Gmail lets users disable new features for those who hate smart suggestions

Google’s Gmail recently had a transformation as it introduced new smart features that are beneficial to many who tend to forget responding to e-mails but apparently irk some who do not want to be constantly reminded.

According to a report by, users have the option to disable the new features in the settings on Gmail’s web version.

One of the features noticed by users are the suggestion to reply which appears at the end of an unanswered e-mail and breaks the inbox’s chronological order once the user bumps the email thread to the top of the inbox.

With this, users who do not want smart categories and want their messages in chronological order tend to find ways on how they could disable the feature.

For users who are planning to switch to the old version, they can get rid of the ‘reply suggestion’ by ticking off the boxes “Suggest emails to reply to” and “Suggest emails to follow up on”.

Some netizens started airing their sentiments about the new Gmail version on social media:

(Photo source: Twitter – @MaryKateMcD/ @bloomin_onions/ @tomcritchlow)