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Go Paperless with Archive One

Vast number of paper records are being produced by businesses every day. To maintain and ensure the record management process, costly maintenance is required which our today’s businesses are getting rid off by moving in the cloud or internal server.

Archive One, one of the solutions that Wordtext Systems, Inc. has been distributing, allows businesses to go paperless. This leading document management system is designed to help document administrators classify, store and secure, search and retrieve essential company records. With its advanced search features, Archive One makes searching for all documents fast and simple.

This centralized document repository helps businesses to save time, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and provide security for physical and electronic documents of their documents.

Archive One has its User Rights Management and Access Control which allows easy navigation to authorized personnel only. It provides comprehensive document history logs to determine who accessed and viewed the document, and which machine was used. With given file validity, Archive One alerts for documents that need periodic review and renewal and it provides basic document approval workflow. For enhanced security, it allows encryption of documents and predefined document sets.

Record Management is an essential practice in any organization. It is often handled by Human Resources (HR) or the finance/accounting departments, and ensures that all information and documents of a company are up to date, accurate, and compliant to all laws and regulations of the Philippines.

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