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Google reveals Mother’s Day searches: Mom’s the Word

With Mother’s Day coming up fast, a look at searches conducted on shows that the Internet is the go-to destination for Pinoys looking for information and gift ideas.

As this Google’s Insights for Search graph shows, searches for for ‘mother’s day’ and ‘mother’s day 2012’ rose in sync as people went online to make sure they didn’t accidentally miss the all important date. Searches for ‘bouquet’, ‘gifts’ and even ‘tiffany’ — a brand famed for sterling silver classics and a new line up of Mother’s Day-themed trinkets — also rose as family members looked out for the perfect way to say “thank you” to mum.

Apart from ‘mothers day 2012’ and ‘mothers day’, popular Mother’s Day related searches included ‘mothers day quotes’ ‘mothers day message’, and other classic gift ideas like cards, cake, flowers, and desserts.

Quality family time, whether around the dinner table or at the movies, is definitely the theme of the day with Pinoys searching for well-known restaurants, like Sugarhouse, Sambo Konji, Brasserie Cicou and even the newly opened buffet restaurant, Buffet 101, in the Metro and looked to book tickets for weekend blockbusters.

Filipino mothers are also likely to get whisked away on weekend getaways to resorts like Jeds Island Resort, La Virginia Resort, Bosay Resort, Splash Mountain and Amana Water Park. Gadgets were another popular gift idea with the Samsung Galaxy Y, HTC One V, Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Ace coming in on top.

If these searches are anything to go by, then Filipino mothers are certainly in for a treat this weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s a quick overview of the top “Mother’s Day” and gift-related searches in the Philippines:

Top “Mother’s Day” Searches

  • Mother’s day quotes
  • Mother’s day message
  • Mother’s day gifts
  • Mother’s day cards
  • Mother’s day cake

Top Restaurant Searches

  • Sugarhouse
  • Sambo Konji
  • Brasserie Cicou
  • Buffet 101
  • Hard Rock Cafe Makati
  • Top Getaway Searches

Jeds Island Resort

  • La Virginia Resort
  • Bosay Resort
  • Splash Mountain
  • Amana Water Park

Top Movie-related Searches

  • Robinsons Movieworld Dumaguete
  • SM Cinema
  • Sureseats
  • Trinoma Cinema
  • Clickthecity movies

Top Gadget Searches

  • Samsung Galaxy Y
  • HTC One V
  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace

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