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Google updates image search with side panel design

Google has updated its Images interface with a side panel when clicking an image to let users scroll to the rest of the results, making it easier to look for the desired image or product.

According to a report by Engadget, the revamped Google Images will show a side panel on the page next to the search results once an image has been clicked and will let users continue to scroll while the selected image remains visible.

The redesigned Google Images also include other tweaks such as the visibility of brand, price, availability, and reviews when an image is tagged as a product.

Google has made several changes that targets shoppers including a recently unveiled redesigned Google Shopping platform. It also started testing product ads in image search results and YouTube videos and has allowed users to make direct purchases on its properties such as Search and Assistant.

Such efforts from Google help shoppers who face decision fatigue, allowing them to compare different products, images, and read reviews easily and narrow down their choices before deciding to purchase.

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