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High-tech Pictionary lets users draw in the air

The well-loved game Pictionary has been revamped into a high-tech tool called “Pictionary Air” which lets users draw in the air instead of using the usual pen and paper.

According to a report by Mashable SE Asia, the new game still comes with a card where the player will choose from a list of items to draw. However, instead of drawing using ordinary pen and paper, the player will use a digital pen and draw the chosen item on air.

For the other player who will be guessing the item being drawn, he or she will be able to see the drawing on a mobile device through Pictionary app which needs to be downloaded, or even in television.

The player sketching the item, however, will not be able to see what he or she was drawing on air and will just get to see his output in the app’s recorded game.

Pictionary Air will first be available at Target stores in June for $19.99 and later at other retailers.

(Photo source: YouTube – FamilyGamerTV)