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HP Ink Tank proves superior in print quality, installation over other brands

A study conducted by Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab (BLI) proves that HP Ink Tank printers produce superior print image quality compared to inkjet models from other competitive brands.

In a comparative image quality evaluation, BLI used its proprietary image quality test targets to compare printed images produced using the HP Ink Tank printer and inkjet printers from other leading brands. It tested the color and black prints and copies in default mode to compare color density and visual quality.

Print quality
The tests reveal that HP Ink Tank printers deliver vibrant colors not only with images but also with text, even in draft mode. The lines are smoother without a tiny speck of rough edges, the fine details are clear, and the colors are brighter than the others. Using the copy mode also yielded similar results.

HP Ink Tank printers can print up to 8,000 color or 6,000 black pages. HP’s prints do not fade quickly and HP-printed documents can last up to 22 times longer than others.

Easy setup
HP Ink Tank also proved advantageous over other printers in terms of setup and installation, especially with ink refill. The ink tanks and refill bottles are designed to avoid spills. The bottles have an easy grip and the tank holes are wide enough to avoid any spillage. The bottle cap also serves as protection for an ink spill. Just remove the caps on the printer and place the bottles upside down. There is no need to squeeze the bottle which is sometimes the cause of the mess.

With fewer components, HP Ink Tank is easy to set. Users can also print wirelessly from the smartphone app.