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HP reinvents the way we see printing

Over the centuries, mankind used the printed word as a way to exchange ideas, share histories, keep records, and entertain others. As the world became more digital, many assumed that printing would become essentially obsolete. However, printing remains as important today as it was decades ago.

To prove this, HP even conducted a “print deprivation” experiment with participants from the US, India, and Singapore. They were challenged to live for two days without any printed materials such as newspapers, books, labels, packaging, and even ID cards. Sure enough, the participants admittedly had a difficult time throughout the experiment, cementing the importance of printed materials in our daily lives.

In the Philippines, print remains to be a vital requirement in communication across businesses. We may have gone more digital over the years, but the amount of information we print day by day remains to keep the PH print industry relevant. The local market is one of the fastest growing among the Asia Pacific*, with the print industry standing strong with around 3,000 printing businesses, 30 of which are part of the country’s top 1,000 corporations of 2016**. This only goes to show that despite the rise of digital technology today, print still proves to be a vital component in the way we function and go about our daily lives.

What has changed is the way people think about printing and the potential impact their actions may have on businesses and the environment. At HP, we’ve been working to reduce the amount of materials used to make our printers and phase out substances of concern in those products.

We continue to innovate with solutions such as HP Managed Print Services, which helps customers optimize, manage, and improve their printer fleets and digital workflows by combining hardware, supplies, software, and services. This service can help organizations reduce printing-related energy usage by up to 40 percent, decrease imaging and printing costs by up to 30 percent, and lower paper waste by 25 percent or more.

We’re doing our own part in making sure that the HP community prints responsibly and efficiently, by participating in the HP Planet Partners Program, wherein we collect used HP cartridges and hand them over to HP Planet Partners for recycling.

HP has also worked on growing its print business through its acquisition of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.’s printer business in a deal valued at $1.05 billion. With Samsung, HP now offers the industry’s strongest portfolio of A3 multifunction printers that deliver the simplicity of printers with the high performance of copiers.

Print security is another aspect that we especially focus on. In today’s rapid and extensive digital transformation across all industries worldwide, securing a company’s network and endpoints has become an indispensable part of managing business risks, including the often overlooked printer. In offices, printers are used for highly confidential documents and have access to the network, making it a prime target for cyberattacks. This is why we continuously develop security solutions and advanced products to help organizations remain secure in their everyday printing which can allow them to save on cost and minimize disruptions to their work.