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Huawei begins research on 6G

Tech company Huawei has reportedly started its research on 6G internet at its R&D center in Ottawa, Canada.

According to an article published by Cnet, Huawei has been looking into the next generation of mobile internet, a forward-looking move on the company’s part but is not expected to become a reality until around 2030 when 5G should have become mainstream.

It can be remembered that Huawei had an issue with the US government after it was suspected of building security flaw “backdoors” into 5G and other communications infrastructure.

The US government and other countries have since been avoiding the use of the Chinese giant’s devices. In addition to that, Huawei was recently included in the US’ blacklist with President Donald Trump signing an executive order which bans the company from acquiring products from US companies including google’s Android system, citing ‘national security concerns’.

Later reports however stated that the ban is set to be lifted after Trump announced a potential ceasefire.

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