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Instagram introduces ‘mute’ feature to keep users from seeing annoying posts and stories

Instead of blocking a particular user because of his or her annoying posts, Instagram recently introduced a new feature on their app to keep users from seeing posts that do not interest them.

According to a report from, the new ‘mute’ feature will let you hide a particular person’s posts or stories without having to unfollow or block their accounts.

Users would not have to worry about using the feature as the account being muted will not receive notifications about the action.

Posts of the user being muted would still be visible when viewed directly on their profile. Users you muted, however, will still be able to tag you in comments and posts which you will be notified about.

The ‘mute’ feature can be seen in the “…” button found in the upper right corner of the screen alongside “Report” and “Unfollow” options.

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